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This lesson compares money and note values


Math, Music  




Title – Learning Note Values
By – Dawn R. Moore
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K
Exploratory Area: K-5 Vocal Music

Standards/Indicators: 9 – Identify how music relates to subjects outside of music

Objectives: To reinforce Math concepts with music

Lesson Plan:

      1.) Listen to a song:

Piggy Bank

      by Greg Scelsa from

Music & Movement in the Classroom.

      2.) Compare how coins and music have values


      3.) Using math manipulatives, show how many pennies equal a dime, nickel, etc. Compare to how many beats in a whole, half, and quarter note. How many pennies/beats would it take to buy a quarter note?


      4.) How many quarters in a dollar?


      5.) How many quarter notes in a whole note. Use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast.


    6.) Set up a music store and issue money. Each student would go to the store with their money and buy a music note.


  • What do you expect students to learn? Value of money and notes.
  • How will we know students have learned? Successfully show how note and money values interchange.
  • How do we respond when students don’t learn? Find a new strategy to teach to their learning style.
  • How do we respond when students do learn? REWARD!

Outcome: For all students to have a 70% success rate of comparing money and note values.

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