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“Musical Math” deals with the Values of Musical Notes


Math, Music  


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Title – Musical Math
By – Patrice
Subject – Music, Math
Grade Level – 1-4
1. Students will learn to add, subtract, and multiply using notes.

paper, pencil, and chalkboard.

1. Ask how many of them like math.
2. Ask how many knew they could add and subtract (or multiply) using notes.
3. Put a simple math problem on the board, such as a whole note take away a half note.
4. Explain that the students need to write the note duration beside the note, and then subtract the numbers.
5. This can be done using a few numbers for the younger students or several across for third and fourth grades. You can also do multiplication problems using the same method. Division could probably be done, but might get confusing. I haven’t tried it.

Give the students papers with problems to solve, to see if they grasp the concept, and know their note durations.

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