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Here’s a lesson idea to use for teaching shapes (and colors) to music


Math, Music  


PreK, K  

Title – Musical Shapes
By – Jill Lemon
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – Preschool-Kindergarten
Materials: Paper plates with different shapes in different colors drawn on them. For instance–using blue marker, draw a blue circle on the plate and write the word blue in the center of the circle. Continue with red, green, rectangle, square, etc. Make sure you have enough plates for the number of children. Example–15 children, you will need 15 circles, 15 squares, and so on. You will also need a cassette or cd with children’s favorite music.
Activity: Scatter the plates on the floor in a large area, (you may have 60 plates) making sure to mix them around, don’t put all circles together. Explain to the children to WALK around the plates while the music is playing. DO NOT step on the plates until the music stops and the teacher says “blue circle”, or “red triangle”, or whatever shape and color you have chosen. Each child finds the appropriate plate. Continue the music, stop the music, say a color and shape, and watch the children help each other find the correct plates to step on. Remind the children that they must walk and be careful when stepping on the plates as the plates may slip. The children love this game while they’re learning shapes, colors and listening skills.
Variation: Let a child call out the color and shape.

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