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Here is another note value math game


Math, Music  


2, 3, 4  


Title – Notes and Rests Math Game
By – Rosemary Shaw
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – Math Grade Level – 2-4

Objective: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of note and rest values. Teacher can evaluate individuals during this game.

Materials: chalkboard, two pieces of chalk for students, eraser, PREPARED list of 12-15 musical math problems ( these can be addition, subtraction, or even multiplication ).

Procedure: Divide class into two teams and give each student a player number. If the class does not divide evenly, ask for a volunteer on the lower numbered team to take TWO numbers. Someone always will. Call students to the board by number ( e.g.”number 1’s come up” ) Those children should pick up their chalk and turn their backs to the board while the teacher writes identical problems for each to solve. On a signal from the teacher, students turn around and solve the problem. A FIRST correct answer earns one point for the team.

( Teacher note: I have a note and rest value chart or bulletin board visible during this game. Students who need to look up notes or rests will be slower. I use this game as an evaluation tool.)

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