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The “Freeze, Pair and Share” strategy is practiced here for note value, addition, etc.


Math, Music  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Find Your Match
By – Sandra Eggleston
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Math
Grade Level – 2-5


      1. Students will demonstrate understanding of the learning strategy of “Freeze, Pair, Share” by performing it.

      2. Students will demonstrate good listening skills by responding at the correct time to music stimuli.

      3. Students will demonstrate the understanding of basic math addition skills.

    4. Students will demonstrate a recognition of basic note values and rests.


  • Students will need to have the pre-knowledge of addition, and notes and rest values.
  • Notecards with notes and rests on them, or music math addition problems on them.
  • A pre-established sound signal to move, stop and find your match.


      Students will practice moving around the room to the signals. Next practice the process of “Freeze-Pair-Share” by giving students the activity of moving around the room until the signal. At the signal, they are to freeze and share with the person in front of them the most favorite thing they did during the summer. Do this until all have had three different partners. You have practiced the process. Now give them the music math cards. Their job is to move until they find the matching card before the signal to freeze, then they share with the class.
    This can be done with many concepts – team building, learning new material, reviewing, quizzes etc.

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