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A Math lesson on patterns that integrates Music





Amy Bizelli


Song: “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”

Element to Teach: Math – Patterns

Grade Level: First

Concept: The students will experience patterns by first, recognizing them and then creating their own patterns.

** Music concept – Form ABA in the song “Baa, Baa, Black Sheep”.

Objectives: The students will:
*recognize patterns
*move to a pattern provided by the teacher
*create their own pattern

Materials needed: copies of 100 – chart and the square designs, crayons and/or markers.

Preliminary Procedures: The teacher will remind students about the song and tell them that it has a pattern in it that will help us recognize other patterns in different situations.

1. Look at 100 – chart and ask students if they see any patterns in it. Examples include: #’s ending in the same #, #’s beginning with the same #, doubled #’s (11, 22, 33), and even or odd #’s.

2. Discuss patterns found.

3. Tell students there are other kinds of patterns, for example, (Teacher does first) clap, clap, pat, pat, stomp, stomp, repeat. Then have the students do this pattern with you.

4. Tell students they can create their own pattern using the square designs. Let them do it.

5. Teacher – sings song; tell students to listen for the pattern. Then have the whole class sing the song.

6. Review – “What ways did we learn about patterns?” (numbers, movement, drawings, songs)

Evaluation: Observe students’ drawings to see if they are creating a “pattern”. From the drawing; you can see if they understand what a pattern is.

Follow – up: The teacher asks “Are their other ways we can recognize patterns? ”

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