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Here are several Multidisciplinary ideas for teaching about Old Rock ‘N Roll




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Title – Old Rock ‘N Roll
By – Fannie Sexton
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Multidisciplinary
Grade Level – K-2
Thematic Unit/”Old Rock ‘N Roll” –
Introduce unit by describing the 1950 and 1960’s era. (music, dress, drive-ins, etc.)

Art – Make guitars, using wrapping paper tubes, a drawn pattern of a guitar, which will be traced onto tagboard, crayons or colored pencils for designing them, construction paper for covering the tube, and elastic for the guitar strings. Have children use paper plates and other materials to make their own records.

L.A. & Reading – Learn about the vowel E – Read about Elvis, and have the children make Elvis figures or books. There are children’s books about Stevie Wonder. They teach Braille. Have the children make Braille books. Use a drawn jukebox pattern to learn about compound words. Use a pattern of musical notes to learn about opposites. (high – low) Make crowns and have the children write, “If I Were the King Of Rock ‘N Roll…

Social Studies – Locate Graceland and other historical places from the era on the globe. Play the song, “Sea Cruise” and use a pattern of a ship to write about going on a sea cruise.

Science/Health – Compare popular foods from the era, such as hamburgers, french fries, and ice cream floats, to nutritional foods. (5 Senses)

Math – Play the first big hit of the era, “Rock Around the Clock” and learn about telling time. Count by tens, when referring to the 50’s & 60’s. Set up a restaurant with a menu like you would see at the drive-ins, and practice with money.

End-Of-Unit Celebration – If you don’t know someone who can come and sing oldies, then play the music on your tape player or CD Player. Girls dress in poodle skirts and boys wear baggy jeans and white tee- shirts. You can make your own poodle pattern and have the girls use it on pink felt to make and pin on their own skirts. Have a Sock-Hop and make root beer floats.

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