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A Music lesson to help teach memorization





Heidi Kruse

Integrated Music Lesson
November 25, 1996

Element to teach: memorization through drawing

Grade level: 3rd

Concept: my students will learn music can be remembered with the help of pictures that they draw to remember it.

– Students will look at the song “America the beautiful” and find a place in it where they are having trouble remembering the song.
– Students will draw the picture that comes to mind about the spot that they are having trouble remembering.
– Students will share their picture with the rest of the class and talk about how it helps them remember a particular part of the song.

Materials: song “America the Beautiful”, paper, markers, crayons, and or colored pencils, starting pitch on the piano

Preliminary procedure: Teacher will talk with the students about what thing they do to help them remember a song.

1. The teacher tells the students that they will be drawing a picture to the song “America the beautiful” at a particular part that they don’t remember.

2. The teacher will have the students turn to the song and find the part of the song that they are having particular trouble with, while she is passing out the markers, crayons, and colored pencils.

3. Students will get out a sheet of paper and draw what they see in that that particular part of the song.

4. Students will share their work and talk about how it helps them remember the line of the song better.

5. Students and teacher will sing through the song together. As the students come to the part that they had trouble with they will hold up their picture to show that they know where that part fits into the song.

6. Ask the students if drawing the picture did help them remember the song.

– The students pictures will show if they understand the phrase or if more a more detailed explanation needs to be given.

– When the students hold up their picture at the point where they are suppose to it will tell you if they remembered the song and how it went.

Follow up: Review ways which help us to remember something better.

Musical Concept: I would teach rhythm patterns and have the students identify the phrases based on the rhythm patterns.

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