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This musical picture sentence book Iidea gets students involved in actually listening to a piece of music




4, 5, 6  

Title – Musical Picture Book
By – Justin Roberts
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 4-6

This is a neat way to get students involved in actually listening to a piece of music and “painting” a picture in their mind. This also reinforces using complete sentences.

Create a cover page for the students to write their name on. Either you can decorate it for the students and let them color it, or you can let the students decorate it on their own.

Use three to five different pages and type the name of the piece you will be listening too. Under the title, type the words, “While listening to this piece, the picture I painted in my head was _________.” Let them fill in the blank with as many things as they would like, but they must write in a complete sentence. Let the rest of the page be for actually drawing the picture they described in the sentence. Make sure you Xerox a copy for each student.

There should be about 4-6 pages total for each student. Once they draw pictures, let them color their pictures. This is a great activity to raise grades as well.

For assessment, you can hold up the better pictures of the group and let the students decide what song it fits.

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