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Here’s a Music lesson on the speeds of Notes called “Musical Speed Math”




3, 4, 5  

Title – Musical Speed Math
By – Rosemary Shaw
Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5
This is a game which my students LOVE to play after we have learned the major notes/rests and their values (whole, half, dotted half, quarter).

Divide the class into two teams and give each player on a team a “player number”. If the number is uneven, there is always one student who is eager to take on an extra number.


Call the first pair (“Number 1 students”) to the blackboard. Have them stand a few feet away with their backs to the board, picking up chalk ahead of time. Write a two note addition problem (in duplicate) on the board behind the students. When you say “GO!” they must turn around and solve the problem as fast as they can. Teacher should have Team 1 and Team 2 tally boxes on the board.
Proceed through all pairs of players on the team.


This time, have the problem be one note and one rest.

CHALLENGE: Add three or more notes and rests together

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