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In this game idea, students draw, identify and give facts about musical symbols




3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Music Box Game
By – Karie Saltmarsh
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-8 


  • White/chalkboard
  • Markers/chalk


  1. On your white/chalkboard, create 12-24 or more squares with whatever musical symbols you choose. Make sure each square is numbered.
  2. Divide your class in half.
  3. Both teams send one representative to the board.
    You may choose “captains” to choose students.
  4. The teacher or designated student calls out a number.
  5. The student who draws the symbol from the corresponding box the fastest, gets a point. For a second point, they tell you what the name of the symbol is. For a third point, they tell you one additional fact about the symbol, such as “quarter note is worth 1 beat” or “treble clef is also called a ‘G’ Clef”.
  6. If the student who drew the fastest cannot give the correct information for the 2nd or 3rd point, the other student from the opposing team gets a chance to answer, giving both teams a chance to win points.
  7. After a few rounds you can double or triple points.
  8. I have a few rules you may also want to apply:
    • No one goes twice, until everyone has gone once.
    • If a team tries to give away the answer, the opposing team gets a point.
    • If either team is talking too loud or talking at all, or has bad sportsmanship, the other team gets a point.
    • Chalk/pens need to be set on the counter, tray or wherever chalk/pen’s go, before a winner (fastest drawer) is declared.

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