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This “Name that Style” activity teaches elements of music and defines music styles




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Title – Name That Style
By – Susie
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 5-12

Objective: The elements of music, music styles

Materials: A collection of a wide variety of music recordings. (I use classical, rap, heavy metal, gospel, barbershop, kids songs, oldies, novelty songs… to name a few.)


  1. List or post the elements–melody, form, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, timbre–and brief definitions of each.
  2. See if students can come up with a good definition of style. Discuss briefly that what makes a style unique is the way the elements of music are utilized in the music.
  3. Have students brainstorm as many styles as they can, including styles they like and styles they don’t like. Have them try to think of at least 10.
  4. Get a volunteer to make a master list on the board. Give each student the chance to name one from his/her list. After each student has had a turn, get other styles that have not yet been named. Finally, add any that you have thought of that were left out.
  5. Have students choose from the list to describe a particular style. Encourage the use of musical terms to describe the styles, not opinions about the styles.
  6. Explain that you will be playing excerpts of several styles that are listed. Their task is to list the style. Have them number 1-10 (or however many selections you have) and be ready to guess the style. If they are unsure, the task is to describe the music (using music terms).
  7. Play excerpts. After the game, and as time permits, offer to let them listen to full pieces of their favorite excerpts. *
  8. Close by reviewing the elements of music, and the definition of style.

Assessment: Check the papers.

* You may be surprised, as I was, at what the students choose to hear again.

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