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This is a “Name That Tune” game filler idea




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Title – Name That Tune

By – Dan Hiles

Primary Subject – Music

Grade Level – 2-5


  • This is a musical game that my students love to play. I divide the class into two teams. I divide each team into two columns. I look for a student “who is sitting quietly” to keep score as well.

  • Each team picks an instrument as their “buzzer.”

  • One student at a time from each team takes a turn trying to name the song from the rhythm I tap on a pair of claves. These are songs that we’ve done in class or can be simple folk songs as well. If the students are having a hard time figuring it out, hum the melody for them.

  • Whoever buzzes first and answers the full name of the song, gets a point. After everyone on both teams has taken a turn, the team with the most points is declared the winner of the game.

  • In my class, students that try giving an answer to their teammate are penalized by seeing the other team get a point. This could be modified to fit your style.


Dan Hiles


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