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This Bean Bag game idea deals with the Names of Musical Notes




K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Note Name Bean Bag Game
By – Brad Elder
Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-5
Materials: Musical Carpet with lines and spaces, or masking tape on the floor with five lines. 3 bean bags.

Split class into two groups. (I usually number off because I’ve found when you pick two captains the last person to get picked feels bad.)

PK-1: You may just want them to distinguish the difference between lines and spaces.
2-5: Line and space difference, but also introduce FACE and EGBDF. Everyone uses every good boy does fine but I also use Elvis’ Guitar Broke Down Friday.

Give one child 3 beanbags and have them stand behind a line marked off to throw from. I usually mark it off about 12-15 feet.
Write the names of the lines and spaces on the board or if you have a chart, use it.
The child throws all three bags. They must land between bottom line E and top line F.
The child matches up what they have on the carpet/floor with what’s on the chart/board.
A,B,C,D,G all are worth 1 point.
E and F are worth five points each.
Keep score by teams. Winners are who has most points.

If a child cannot throw in the space needed, throw one for them and explain to the class that sometimes it’s not easy to throw in a restricted area.

That way all kids are successful.

Be very firm and don’t allow team members to help or yell out the answer. I tell them if I hear any letters out, whether right or wrong, 5 points off.

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