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This is a note/rest 5-up flashcard game idea




2, 3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Note/Rest 5-Up!
By – Elaine Edwards
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – Grade 2 through 6
Note/Rest 5-Up!!

Grades: 2 through 6.

Objective: Name previously learned notes and rests.

Preparation: Prepare 5 flashcards of previously learned notes and rests. (4-7 flashcards will also work).

    Game: Select 5 students to come to the front of the class while others remain in their desks. Give each of the 5 a flashcard. Review the names of the notes/rests on each card. (e.g.) whole note, half note, quarter note, ta, ti-ti, quarter rest, etc. Play just like 7-up except that the 5 students give their flashcards to students in desks. Students given flashcards try to figure out who gave them the whole note, etc. (For older grades you could also incorporate the value of the notes/rests.)

Variation: Flashcards of the instruments of the orchestra…

Notes: This works well as both a sponge activity or as a culminating activity to a unit on duration.

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