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This lesson involves using phone calls to learn musical notes




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Lesson Plan Title: A Noteworthy Call
Bob Urban

1. Have students identify the note C on the piano. Give each student a chance to play the note C. The only rules are they cannot play the same C as the student before them.

2. Tell the students there are 8 notes in the C scale, have them guess if the notes on the piano go higher or lower going to the left or right.

3. Have them try playing the scale up and down. They cannot play the same as the person before them, they must use different octaves.

4. While students are playing C and the C scale (one, two or three at a time) pass out staff paper. The paper should have as the first line a C scale in treble clef using quarter notes. Have students copy what they see on the staff below the example.

5. While students are playing the scale instruct the other students to write the numbers 1 to 8 under each note of the C scale.

6. Stop playing and show students on the board that you are going to add 2 notes to the scale. One before low C and one after high C. Have them copy what you are doing, walk around and check to see if they are correct.

7. Play the scale for them and ask them if it sounds like a scale.

8. Using the board as an example: Tell the students you are going to write the phone number of the school on the board in notes and you want them to copy it on the next line of their paper. When you finish and they are copying play the number of the school.

9. Have the students write their home phone number using notes. If it is unlisted or they do not have a phone make a number up.

10. Have the students come up and play their phone numbers. Use this as an introduction to the study of intervals

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