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Here’s a Back To School activity to learn each others’ Names to Music




PreK, K  

Title – Who’s that hiding underneath the blanket? Learning Name Game
By – Stephanie Jones

This was a favorite for the children in my son’s preschool class, and I plan on using it the first week of school in a preschool class that I am teaching. This game is great for learning to take turns, learning each other’s name, the child to learn his/her whole name, and to not be afraid when hiding alone. However, if the child is too afraid to hide underneath under the blanket, you can change it to “Who’s that hiding behind the blanket?”

What you will need:

  • a throw size blanket
  • children

The children sit around in a big group circle the teacher selects (or one volunteers) a student to sit in the middle of the circle and the teacher covers the student with the blanket. Everyone sings (to the tune of 1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians):

Who’s that hiding underneath the blanket?
Who’s that hiding underneath the blanket?
Who’s that hiding underneath the blanket?
Come out and tell us your name!

At which time the child takes the blanket off and jumps up and tells us his/her name.

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