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Put your students in the driver’s seat with this ‘Bus Driver’ flashcard idea




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Title – “Bus Driver”
By – Brian Fabre
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 1-5 (adaptable)

Bus Driver:

Materials: Flash Cards, two rows of chairs

This is an easy lesson that can be modified to fit many areas of interest, and the basic concept is simple.

Have the children divide into two equal groups and sit in two separate rows of chairs that are lined up facing the same direction, with each child facing the back of the child in front of him/her. [This set up should resemble the seats on a bus, with all children facing you.]

Then, the drivers (the children in the front chairs closest to the teacher) will race to get the correct answer to the flash card that you are showing them. Flash cards could range from note values, to clef signs, to note names, etc. The first child with the correct answer “keeps driving”, while the other must go to the back of the bus and the rest of the row advances up one seat closer to the front.

It’s an easy game with very little prep on your part, and kids love it. You can also add variations like making a wrong answer an automatic ‘out’, leaving the second child with ample time to answer correctly. It’s up to you. Have fun.

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