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After this activity, students will be able to recite the names of their classmates in rhythm




3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Names in Rhythm
By – Allynne Johnson
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – Grades 3-6

Objective: Students will be able to recite the names of their classmates in rhythm.


Students are placed in a circle. They then begin to clap a rhythm, consisting of two thigh claps, and one hand clap. (“We will, we will rock you”) On either the first, or the third beat of the measure, they are to say the student’s name next to them going clockwise.

This continues until the teacher says “switch.” They then must change directions and go counter clockwise, saying the name of the person on the other side. The switch is always for the person that just spoke. A person is out when they either do not say the name on the right beat, or say the wrong name. When the game stops for a mistake, they always start clockwise again.

This can be a frustrating game, but teaches concentration, listening skills, as well as counting rhythms.

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