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Although not a lesson plan, this collection of Halloween Songs are great for teaching Halloween Safety




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Halloween Songs
By – Mary Flynn
Subject – Music 
Grade Level – PreK – 2nd grade

These songs that I have written are for Halloween and are sung to the tunes of “old favorites” from the public domain. Anyone can sing these songs. There are simple guitar/autoharp chords included.

Songs are ideally suited to Pre-K to Grade 2 and are for the teacher who has no music training but who wants to sing with children.

When I’m Trick-or-Treating
(sung to: Sing a Song of Sixpence)

G                                        D
When I’m trick-or-treating I know what to do,
D                                        G
I walk on the sidewalk and bring my flashlight too!
G                                D
I don’t eat my candy until I’m home at last…
D                                                                 G
I check it with an adult there and then I eat it fast!

A Little Baby Ghost
(sung to: The Eensy, Weensy Spider)

D                                   A7                D
A little baby ghost went out one Halloween.
D                                        A7                    D
Along came a witch that the ghost had never seen!
        D                                        A7                         D
But, mommy ghost came flying to see what made him cry…
        D                                                    A7               D
And the witch that scared her baby went flying off so high!

Ghosts and Goblins
(sung to: Frere Jacques)

Ghosts and goblins,
Ghosts and goblins
Witches too,
Witches too,
All out trick-or-treating,
All out trick-or-treating,
Can’t scare you!
Can’t scare you!

Additional songs can be found at .

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