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A lesson on opposites taught through Music





Kristin Graves

T – 255

integrated lesson plan

November 18, 1996

Element to Teach: Opposites

Musical Element to Teach: texture: (compare the different textures in songs)

Grade Level: 1

Concept: The students will discover opposites with: books, discussions, and songs.

Objectives: The students will:

Listen to a story about opposites

Discuss opposites

Find Opposites in music

Materials Needed: Opposite books (Elmo’s Big Lift and Look Book and Pooh Popping Opposites.) Contrasting tapes (Down on Grandpa’s Farm and Lullaby and Good night).

Preliminary Procedures: The teacher will question the students about opposites; what they are and where we can find them.


1. The teacher will read the books that illustrate opposites.

2. The teacher will ask the students for some more examples on opposites and state some things that aren’t opposites

3. The teacher will explain that we are looking for some opposite things in two songs that will be played.

4. The teacher should also give a few suggestions on opposites that could be heard in the songs, since this could be confusing ( fast/slow, how it makes them feel, number of instruments or people singing etc.)

5. After the songs are played a brief discussion on the opposites they heard should take place.

Evaluation: The students will listen to two different tapes and record opposite things that were heard. This paper will be handed in for grading.

Follow up: The class will discuss different places we find opposites and opposites that were learned and not previously known.

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