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This is simply a song to use in your class for Flag Day, 4th of July, or other Patriotic times




PreK, K, 1, 2  


Title – Songs for Teachers – Flag Day, 4th of July
By – Mary Flynn
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – PreK – 2nd
Below is a song appropriate for Flag Day or 4th of July. The song was contributed by Songs 4 Teachers .

The American Way
(Sung to: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

    D          G           D
   This flag that flies over our country,
    E7         A7
   Tells us that we are all free!
    D         G       D
   The flag that we look at so proudly ~
    E7       A7         D
   Was given to you and to me.
    D           G
   So, we're free, we're free,
    A7                          D
   To come here to school each and every day.
    D            G
   To learn and play here,
    A7               D
   And live the American way!

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