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Here are some songs appropriate for Back To School time




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Songs for Teachers – Back To School, Beginning of School
By Mary Flynn

Below are a few songs appropriate for Back to School. These songs were contributed by Songs 4 Teachers.

Here In The Classroom
(Sung to: Up On the Housetop)

Here in the classroom where we play,
F       C        G
We work hard right here each day.
Working together happily,
F         C      G          C
Come and see us and you'll see.

F            C
We have fun, we all play,
G7                      C 
Work and learn right here each day.
Here in the classroom we all play,
C                 G     C
Working together every day.

Our Classroom
(Sung to: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

     D           G              D
Our classroom is where we will learn and ~
D                E7           A7
Our classroom is the place to be.
     D             G             D
Our classroom has friends and a teacher,
      E7           A7         D
This classroom is perfect for me!

D       G
I'm at school now,
   A7                             D
To play and to learn things each day, each day.
D       G
I'm at school now,
    A7                         D
To hear what the teacher will say.

D                G           D
I bought all my pencils and crayons ~
D           E7            A7
And markers I got at the store.
  D             G             D
I got some new clothes and a backpack,
    E7          A7           D
And I know what all this is for!

D              G
'Cause I'm at school now,
     A7                     D
The summer time went by so fast, so fast.
D       G
I'm at school now,
     A7                            D
I'm glad that it's school time at last!

Time For School
(Sung to: Sing a Song of Sixpence)

When the summer's over, 
It's time to come to school.
I will sit right down 
And listen to the rules.
G                D
I am happy being in my brand new class.
D                                                        G
With my teacher and my friends, it's time for school at last!

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