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Students play “Hot Potato” with a tempo and beat in this filler activity idea




PreK, K, 1  

Title – A musical filler activity using knowledge of fast/slow
By – Jamie Faust
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – Pre K-1

Materials: Something to pass, perhaps a stuffed animal.

This game is very similar to the children’s game “Hot Potato.” Children sit in a circle, one child gets the object that is to be passed. The teacher then plays a steady beat (I like to use a variety of instruments) as the students pass the object. If the beat is fast, students pass fast. If it is slow, they pass slowly. When you say “STOP,” whoever has the object is out. Continue playing until there is one child left. If a child throws the object, they are automatically out. Children who are out could also play the beat, or watch for students who are throwing the object.

This has the potential to be a cry-inducing activity. I found that explaining to the children that there is NO prize is helpful. I also found that using the phrase “no tears, no frowny faces!” works well. I have never had a problem with crying since I started addressing the issue before the game started. The kids end up LOVING the game and beg to play it all the time! Good luck!

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