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This is lesson idea is for teaching the names of the Fingers using “Where Is Thumbkin?”





Title – “Where is Thumbkin?”
By – Celeste McKenzie
Subject – Music
Grade Level – PreK
Objective: Students gain finger control and manual dexterity; improve drawing, tracing and cutting skills. Develop an awareness for the relationship between what they are singing in the song & their own hand as well as their cut-out hand.

Teach the song, “Where is Thumbkin?” by rote, helping students to gain control and dexterity in pointing only one finger at a time.
Most difficulty is typically observed with “middle man” and “ring man”. Distribute paper and crayons. Have students trace (or you trace) their hand. Cut it out. Sing the song again, having students point to the appropriate finger on their cut-out hand as they sing. You can also point out that the cut out hand is an opposite of their other hand when held together, like praying hands.

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