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This is a “Jin – Gle – Bells” musical hot potato game


Music, P.E. & Health  


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Title – “Jingle Bells” Musical Game
By – D. L. Davis
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – 1-3

This lesson will teach the following skills or terms

      1. Improvement and focus on steady beat

      2. Tempo = The speed of music

      3. Playing of instruments on both a steady ostinato and also with a steady rhythmic pattern

    4. Physical Education: improve hand-eye coordination, as well as concentration on a moving object.


      1. 1-3 pairs of sleighbells (I use the round wristbells in the students hands. It is easier for them)
      2. All of your students in one straight line, side-by side and horizontal, like “Hot Potato”
    3. Perhaps, a copy of the song “Jingle Bells” or have it reviewed with the students already.


      1. Demonstrate this as a game (I call it “Rapid Jingle Bells”) Have the class echo back the words “Jingle Bells” and also a hammer motion while doing it (Kinesthetic movement, three quarter notes Jin – Gle – Bells).
      2. Play a sleigh bell while they practice the hammer motion 1-3 times.
      3. Introduce the game with a classroom partner. Play the motion with them on Jingle bells and you will say this while they play

      “Jin-Gle Bells, Pass it to the next person here we go”
      4. Have the students pass the bells during “pass it to the next person here we go”, so that the next person is ready by the words”Jin-Gle Bells” to play. Repeat each time, speeding the tempo up on your speaking each time.
    5. If the student is caught by you not playing on time with you, that person is “out”. Continue until one person, the “winner” is left.


    I use this game with two-three sleigh bells moving at once. It can get very fast-paced, but you can keep it going with a well-disciplined class. Have fun with it and try afterwards to have the students transfer the “Jin – Gle – Bells” three quarter note pattern while singing “Jingle Bells” to add an instrumental touch to the famous tune.

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