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This lesson idea is called “Fly Butterfly, Fly” and involves Dramatic Student Movement to music by Chopin


Music, P.E. & Health  


PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Fly Butterfly, Fly!
By – T Ray
Subject – Music, Physical Education
Grade Level – Pre-K thru 2nd
Materials needed: 1. Large Space for movement
2. CD Player or Tape Recorder
3. Waltz No. 1 in Eb (MAJOR Op.18)
by Frederic Chopin

Objectives: 1. To encourage dramatic movement
2. To introduce music by Chopin

Have your students lay on their bellies. And begin to tell this story. As you tell the story, students are to act out the story: There was a beautiful catepillar that love to (crawl) all around. He would crawl in the trees, on the streets, on the buildings and all around. But one day the caterpillar got very sleepy and decided to (take a long nap). He began to (snore)very loud. A while later, his (eyes popped wide open)and he found that he couldn’t move. He (rolled)all around but couldn’t get free. He (rolled and rolled all around). He was surrounded by a shell that kept him from moving freely. He then (popped his left arm free). He (popped his right arm free.) He popped his left foot free). He (popped his right foot free). And then he (stood up). He noticed that he was a BUTTERFLY! He began to (flap his colorful wings slowly). And then… AT THIS POINT BEGIN THE MUSIC BY CHOPIN… And say “TAKE OFF!” The students should take off by flying all around the large space. During the A section of the music the students fly. During the B section of the music have the students walk slowly to catch their breath :) and when the A section starts again have them Take Off again. At the end of the piece have the children fly back to where they began. The children love this lesson and I do too. I just made up this lesson to pass the last few minutes of class. And the students ask to do it time and time again.

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