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Music Theory Basketball is played here


Music, P.E. & Health  


4, 5, 6, 7, 8  

Title – Music Basketball Basics
By – Hayley Winslow
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – PE
Grade Level – 4-8


Basketball hoop and ball, flashcards containing music theory information.


Assess the knowledge that individual students have about music theory.
Motivate students to work as a team and to learn the information.


The students need to have been introduced to the information before the game is played.

Before the lesson:

Create or purchase flashcards that contain the music theory information your class has covered. If you put the flashcards on a ring, it’s easier to move from card to card. You may want to create different levels of difficulty or split cards into vocabulary, pitches, note values, symbols, etc. to make the game more challenging or information specific for the students.


Put a portable basketball hoop up in your room or in an activity room. If you do not have a portable basketball hoop, use a basketball hoop either in the gym or outside. Place a mark on the ground 8+ feet in front of the basketball hoop.

Each team will have a person step up to the mark. Show the first team a card. The person at the mark will give an answer or pass. If the person passes or answers incorrectly, the card goes to the next team and that person sits down. If the person gets it right, their team gets a point and they are given the ball to shoot. If they make a basket, their team gets an extra point. If they don’t make it, nothing is added or deducted.

If the first team answers correctly, do not use the same card for the second team. Show the second team a new card. When a student is done with their turn, they sit down and another teammate comes to the mark. Be sure to give each team equal turns at the mark, even if you have to repeat some of the flashcards.


If you have an older group, you can make different sets of flashcards that cover basics through advanced information. Color-code the different sets and give each set a point value (example: 1 pt. for red cards, 2 pts. for blue, 3 pts. for green, etc.). Give more points for the hard information and less for the basics. If they get the question right, let them shoot the basket and give the team points according to the value of the flashcard.


Keep the kids who are not at the mark in their seats or standing along a line. The kids really get into this game and it can get loud and rowdy. Also, this is a great game to use for shortened days.

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