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Here is a review day or substitute teacher activity idea


Music, P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Draw (from a basket) your favorite activity for review
By – Pat
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Health / Physical Education
Grade Level – K-5

Materials needed:


    Pieces of paper with a favorite activity listed on each piece of paper

This lesson is a great review for the end of a semester, season or unit or for fun!

Place the pieces of paper in the basket and have a child draw a paper from the basket. The class reviews the activity (song, movement, etc.) listed on the piece of paper. After that activity is done, draw another piece of paper and so on!

This is a great way to review Christmas songs learned, Halloween songs, winter songs, music theory activities, games. In PE, you could review different exercises, movements, and game skills.

Also a great lesson for a substitute teacher!

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