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An interesting lesson for creating Phone Number Melodies





Title – Phone Number Melodies
By – jDarla
Subject – Music
Grade Level – 4th
I use this in the Melody Unit, once children realize that melodies move up or down by step or leap or stay the same.
It is the first day of composing our own melodies.

1. I make a chart on the board of a C scale. I assign low “C” number “1”, “D” is number “2” and so on until high “C” is “8”. I put my phone number on the board, explaining that it has some “nines” in it, so we will double up the LOW C with “9” and the HIGH C with “0”. Underneath my phone number, I put the names of the notes that correspond.

2. Using a xylophone or metalophone, I demonstrate what my phone number melody sounds like. After repeated playings, we always decide it would sound better if it ended differently. We edit the ending and “Voila! A Melody is Born!”

3. Small group of three or four students, armed with paper, pencil and xylophone. They each write out their phone numbers as I had modeled and practice playing them until they are memorized.

4. We take turns playing for the class and analyzing the musicality of the melody. Sometimes we edit to make the melody sound better.

In an extended lesson, I make phrases out of the most tuneful ones and hook a few together to teach FORM. Add some ostinati or percussion instruments to accompany. There’s a lot to be made out of this creative composition beginning!

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