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Students have a “Musical Easter” by playing notes marked on eggs




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Title – Recognizing and playing rhythms written on Easter Eggs
By – Patricia Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – First and second grade


  • plastic Easter eggs (enough for everyone in your class)
  • Clear tape (the kind you can write on)
  • permanent marker (dark)
  • 4 or 5 Easter baskets filled with artificial grass
  • lumni sticks (2 for each student in your class)

Prepare Easter eggs as follows:

  • Tape all Easter eggs so they do not come apart (most of them have two sections so you can open them and fill them. You do not want to open them in this game).
  • On each egg, write a note or rest with the permanent marker. Example: half note, quarter note, quarter rest, two eighth notes, etc.
  • Place each egg in the basket (divided equally among the baskets).
  • Have students sit on a circle. Designate 5 students to give each person in your class an egg. Then place the empty baskets in the middle of the circle.
  • Have each person, one at a time, hold up their egg and tell what kind of note is on the egg. The teacher will write the note on the board. Then the student will put their egg in a basket.
  • After everyone has identified their egg, the 5 students will give out 2 lumni sticks to each student.
  • Then the class will play, together, the rhythm on the board (yes…it will be a long rhythm).
  • The person who plays on the rest is OUT. Then the class starts over. The object is to play the long line without anyone getting out. The winners will receive a small prize (sticker, tootsie roll, etc.).

Time: about 30 minutes

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