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This classroom instrument idea reinforces the use of auditory cues




K, 1  

Title – Play, Play, Play Your Instrument
By – Cheryl Johnson
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-1

This is a great way to reinforce the identification of classroom percussion instruments and the use of auditory cues. The students start out by playing ” Play Soft, Play Loud ” from Jill and Michael Gallina’s Rockin’ Rhythm Band (AR 94) from Educational Activities.

Before the children come into the room, lay out enough tambourines, triangles, wrist or jingle bells, hand drums or bongo drums, and maracas in a circle for 1/2 or the whole class.

I greet students at the door and tell them to go stand behind an instrument in the circle with “waiting hands” behind their back. When everyone is in place we discuss loud and soft and then we take turns and name the instruments. Then we play the activity along with the record.

After we finish ” Play Soft, Play Loud “, the students are already in place for the next activity. I play music with a really firm strong beat and they walk around the instruments in the circle. When I stop the music, I sing a little phrase like “play, play your instruments, play, play your instruments, play, play your instruments, and have a lot of fun.” When I sing this, it is the verbal/auditory clue for them to play their instruments. When I turn the music back on, they know it is time to walk around the circle again and listen for the next cue to play an instrument.

I like to use Music K-8’s accompaniment to ” My Friends In the Sea “, May/June 1007, Vol. 7, No. 5. Any upbeat music with a strong steady beat will work just as well.

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