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A Music lesson on rhythm






Heidi Kruse

T255 Music Lesson

Song: “America, the Beautiful”

Musical element: Rhythm patterns

Grade: 3

Concept: The students will identify phrases based on the same rhythm pattern.

Objectives: the students will:
Identify different rhythm patterns
Identify the same phrases based on the rhythm pattern

Materials: Piano for starting pitch

Preliminary procedures: Teacher will talk to the students about the lady that wrote the song and how it came to be a song.

1. Students will sing the song “America, the beautiful”

2. Students will discuss where they think that the song changes rhythm patterns.

3. Students will sing the song through and where they think they hear a rhythm change then they will raise their hand.

4. Students will then sing the song through and where there is a rhythm change that is completely new they will raise their hand for it otherwise they will not.

Ask the students if they can try to identify all four of the phrases where the song has the same rhythm.

Evaluation: As the class is singing the song watch to see if they raise their hands at the right times.
Have the students identify the four phrases where the song has the same rhythm.

Follow up: Review with the class what rhythm is and how it is important.

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