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Teaching rhythms is a “cakewalk” with this activity




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Title – Rhythm Cakewalk
By – Carrie Nippert
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 1-3This activity is a good reinforcement for recognizing known rhythms.

Students form a standing circle. Lying on the floor in front of each child is a 4-beat rhythm flashcard. As the music plays (I use a CD, but you could play the piano) children walk slowly around the circle, much like in a “cake walk” at a carnival. When the music stops, each child looks at his/her rhythm as the teacher taps a 4 beat rhythm. All students echo tap the rhythm. The child who is standing behind that rhythm must recognize that they have the rhythm just tapped and raises their hand. I usually give a stamp on the hand or an M&M; when they correctly identify the rhythm. Music begins again and the game is repeated. I also try to make sure every child has at least one opportunity to end up behind the rhythm that is tapped. At the end of class, all students receive a stamp or a few M&Ms.;

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