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A music lesson plan on Rhythm and Dynamics




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Dawn Roberts

Nov. 4, 1997


T255 Lesson Plan


Who Has the Penny?

Materials Needed:

with rhythms, safety pin and penny

Musical Activities:

singing, clapping

Musical Concepts:

and dynamics

Grade Level:





1) To show children
that music is fun by playing a game.

  1. To practice a steady beat and to add a rhythm
    to the beat.


1) Students
will clap the rhythms that appear in the song.

  1. Students will practice dynamics by humming softly
    and singing loudly, or with full voices.

  2. Students will keep a steady beat while learning
    the rhythms.


Tell the students that they will be learning a new
rhythm called an eighth note. Ask them to pay close attention
and listen carefully for the difference between an eighth note
and a quarter note.


  1. Begin clapping a steady moderate beat. Ask the
    children to join in and to try to match your beat, reminding them
    not to speed up or slow down.

  2. Ask them to stop and listen. Have them direct
    their attention to the board where a poster displays the following
    rhythms in 2/4 time: quarter eighth-eighth quarter quarter and
    quarter eighth-eighth quarter rest. Clap the rhythms and have
    them echo you.

  3. Now divide the group in half. Tell them that
    they will each have a very important job to do. One group will
    keep the steady beat while the other claps the rhythm on the board.
    Repeat switching roles.

  4. Next, introduce the song "Who Has the Penny?"
    by singing it all the way through. Ask the students to clap the
    beat while you sing. Then switch, you clap the beat while they
    sing the song.

  5. Ask the students to stand up and form a circle.
    Show them the penny and the safety pin and tell them that you
    are going to play a game using the song they just learned. Have
    the students close their eyes and hold their hands out. Hum the
    song softly while you give the penny to one student and the safety
    pin to another. When the song ends, whoever has the penny and
    the pin in their hands will sing the appropriate lines as you
    sing the song loudly (with a full voice). After playing the first
    time, let the children pass the penny and the pin on to other


Ask the children to identify which word of the song
occurs on the eighth-eighth pattern.


Teacher watches and listens while the students are
clapping their rhythms. Also, make sure that they know the difference
between humming (softly) and singing (loudly).

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