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This “Rhythm Pattern Game” uses M&Ms to help teach Notes and Rests




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Title – Rhythm Pattern Game
By – Caryn Jones
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 1-3
OBJECTIVES: The learner will:
* Be able to identify quarter, half, whole and eighth notes and rests
* Use the different colors of M&M;’s to represent the different notes and rests
* Learn a new song and associate song with actual rhythmic patterns

* Index cards with different patterns of notes on each ex. “quarter quarter eighth eighth quarter”
* Bag of M&M;’s ”

* Students will have a brief lecture on quarter, half, whole and eighth notes. They will see what each note looks like and know how many beats each one gets. *In the younger grades, it is wiser just to stick to “ta, ti and toh”, unless the children are more advanced.
* After students are comfortable with notes and values, they will each be handed an index card with rhythmic patterns on it.
* The instructor will sing and clap several patterns. The student with the correct pattern will raise his or her card in the air. This will continue until every student has raised his or her card.
* After students finish identifying rhythm patterns, they will make up their own.
* The teacher will have a bag of M&M;’s. Students will be instructed that each color of candy represents a different note. Ex. brown represents a quarter note, green is a half note.
* Students will then make up their own patterns on their cards using the M&M;’s.
* The instructor will go around the room checking the cards. Each student will have to sing their rhythm they have constructed. If they sing the correct rhythm, they may eat their M&M;’s.

The students understanding of rhythms will be evident as they raise their cards at the correct time and sing the correct rhythm they have constructed.

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