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This lesson is on Musical Rhythm and Patterns




K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Rhythm
By – Nancy DeLaDesmo
Subject – Music
Grade Level – Kindergarten – Third
OBJECTIVE: 1. Students will be able to clap and say simple rhythms. 2. Students will be able to read and play a simple rhythm pattern.

Strategy: Whole group instruction.

ACTIVITY: 1. Students will be given a half sheet of paper and draw a quarter note on the paper. A circle that is colored in with a stem. And write the word “TA” under it. The students will turn the paper over and draw a picture of a quarter rest. It looks like a pointy number 3. And write the word rest under it. Students will practice saying and clapping TA when they see the see the quarter note and putting their hands on their lap while saying rest when they see the quarter rest. Then the teacher will select four students to come up to the board to make a rhythm pattern with their papers in front of them. The class will clap and say the pattern shown. The children each take a turn. 2. Pass out the children’s TA and Rest papers. Bring the classroom percussion instruments. Instead of clapping the rhythms the students will play the rhythms. They are really reading rhythms!!

Assessment: Visual Check of participation and listening for the wrong rhythm being said or played.

NOTE: Pass out another half sheet of paper and the students can write two eighth notes (two circles colored in with a beam across the top) with the word “TI TI” under the note heads. On the other side draw a half note (a circle not colored in with a stem) and write the word (TO OO) under the note. Then follow the activities above with new notes!

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