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This lesson is on distinguishing between Same or Different Sounds




K, 1, 2  

Title – Same or different?
By – Pat T.
Subject – Music
Grade Level – K-2
Materials needed: Gumdrops (3 or 4 big containers – different colors)
sturdy paper plates (preferably white)
toothpicks (the round kind)

Students will practice identifying high and low and same and different sounds before this lesson.

Word of Wisdom – if you have time, put about eight different colored gum drops on each plate and about 16 toothpicks. It will save time!

Sit the students in a circle. Give each child a prepared plate.

Teacher will play a sound (on a piano, recorder, or xylophone). Then another sound. If the sounds are the same, the students will place two gum drops (of the same color) side by side on the plate. If the sounds are different, the students will use two different colored gum drops side by side.

The teacher will play many sounds, some the same and some different. See how challenging you can make this for the students!

After the lesson, allow the students to create anything they want by connecting the toothpicks together to form some sort of structure (on the paper plate. At the end of class, allow some of the students to tell the others what shapes are contained in their structures.).Tell the students that creating music is much the same as creating this sculpturs, because music is made up of many sounds connected together. (The girls like to create necklaces out of their gumdrops).

Allow the students to take their sculptures with them!

Have fun!

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