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Children “skate” to the meter of waltz music in this cold weather idea


Music, Science  



Title – Ice Skating in the Classroom!
By – Patricia Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – Science

Grade Level – K


  • Large plastic plates ( dinner plate size )
  • Recording of The Skater’s Waltz
  • Recording of Jingle Bells


      This lesson works best if there is carpet on the floor.
    Begin the lesson by talking about how water freezes, and the rules of NOT skating on ice unless it is safe and they are with an adult who knows it is safe.


  1. Review the meter of “3” by having the students count aloud: “1-2-3”, “1-2-3” ( as in “waltz time” ).
  2. Give each student two sturdy plastic plates of any color ( I use the clear ones ). Have them hold the plates with their hands and practice moving them in the air with their hands as they practice saying the meter of three again while they listen to part of the piece, The Skater’s Waltz .
  3. The students will then put the plates on their knees and move them forward as they practice saying the meter again while the piece continues.
  4. Have students take off their shoes, if they have socks on. They place their shoes against a wall away from the class. ( I usually call the students row by row to do this .)
  5. After every one has put their shoes away, they come back to their seats and put both feet into their plates ( one foot in each plate ).
  6. Review the “space” rules. Show them how they will move to the music by pushing the plates with their feet to the meter of the music. Stress the importance of “staying in their own space” as they do this. Tell them when the music stops, they are to “freeze” in place.
  7. Begin the music and skate away! It may take a few times before they realize or feel the meter of three as they pretend to skate on the pretend ice. Some plates may crack a little, but tell them to go ahead and skate and do not worry about it. Sometimes, I allow the students to choose a partner. They hold hands and skate together.


      YES! I KNOW there will be many shoes to tie at the end of class, but this lesson is SO much fun, it will be worth it! Help tie the shoes while the students sing “Jingle Bells” (

actually NOT only a Christmas song, but a song about snow as well. Very appropriate for cold weather.)

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