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This Vivaldi’s “Spring” lesson correlates music with weather and history


Music, Science, Social Studies  


1, 2, 3, 4, 5  


Title – “Colorful Vivaldi”
By – Patricia Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – 1-5


      1. Students will learn to identify music by Antonio Vivaldi.


      2. Students will learn to listen for the “form” of the music


      3. Students will learn about the composer Antonio Vivaldi and his life.


    4. Students will correlate music with weather and history.

Materials needed:

      1. A copy of Antonio Vivaldi’s “


      ” from “

Four Seasons

      ” (CD or cassette tape).
    2. Colorful scarves or ribbons streamers (6 reds, 6 blues, 6 yellows, 6 greens – you can do with less of each color if you have a small class).


      1. Class will discuss the life and times of Antonio Vivaldi – music composer. Show a picture of him if there is one among your materials.
      2. Students will talk about the signs of Spring.
      3. Students will listen to “Spring” and identify the signs of Spring in the song – with teacher’s help if needed (first section is the trees, when music changes, it is the birds, then the trees again, then the river, then the trees, then the thunder storm, then the trees, then the sun, then the trees, then the sun, and the song ends with the trees). You can hear these things in the music.
      4. Students will be grouped into 5 groups (approx. 4 to a group – sometimes five, depending on the number of students you may have). I have found that if you call on a student that behaves very well to be the team captain to chose members of their group, the groups are more manageable.


      5. Give each group a title. Group 1 is trees, Group 2 is birds, group 3 is the river, group 4 is the thunder storm, group 5 is the sun.
      5. Group one (trees) will receive green scarves or streamers, each person in group two (birds) will receive a different color, group three (river) will receive blue, group four (thunder storm) will receive red, and group five (sun) will receive yellow.
      6. Have students spread out in the room, staying in their groups. Have students discuss how their group can move their scarves – or streamers – so it looks like their group name (trees, sun, etc.).
    7. Start the music and call out the sections of the music. The groups only move their object when they hear the music for their group.

Assessment: Start the music again and do not call out the group names. If a group moves their scarves at the incorrect time, they sit down. At the end of the song, the groups remaining on their feet are winners!

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