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Here are some sound awareness activity ideas




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – Sound Awareness
By – Kimberly Robasky
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – PreK-2 

This is a fun sound awareness game. Students will learn that sounds can be created in different ways, and also can be modified.

Record some samples before your class and let your children guess the sound(s). My son has a Magna Doodle “doodle talker” that can be used for sampling sounds; he loves to play it back for us to guess, too. You might also try borrowing a sound effects tape from the library. If feasible, your children will love to make their own recordings – sampling siblings, yard sounds, traffic, sounds at the playground, to name a few.

Sound Lists
Just prior to an outside activity or field trip, instruct the children to listen carefully and list all the sounds they hear. Try asking what sounds they would expect to hear at the zoo, in the woods, in a city.

Have your children imitate the sounds they listed. Play music and encourage them to make their own sounds such as taps, clucks, and claps.

Make a collage from the sound lists. Use posterboard, glue and old magazines.

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