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This is an African-American music history awareness lesson


Music, Social Studies  


3, 4, 5, 6  


Title – History of African-American Music
By – Victoria Landry
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 3-6 

Objective: African-American music history awareness

History: Students will be made aware of African-American music history from the slave work song through modern rap and hip-hop. Students will also be made aware of significant musical figures from several styles. Dates range from c.1619 through 2005.


      1. Work Song – “Pickin’ Cotton All Day Long”


      2. Spiritual – “Come By Here”


      3. Blues – “Nobody Loves Me, But My Mother” (B. B. King)


      4. Jazz – “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”


      5. Rhythm and Blues – “Let the Good Times Roll (Ray Charles)


      *6. Funk/Soul – “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (James Brown)


      *7. Hip Hop (early) – “Hip Hop Be Bop”


    *8. Rap/Hip Hop (contemporary) – “God Gave Me Style” (50 Cent)**

Assessment: Students will be asked questions with each selection. Questions will be in regard to personal preferences of students and their ability to recognize the common threads in African-American music history.

*The students REALLY love to get up and dance! I waited until the Funk/Soul era onward to allow dancing just so they wouldn’t get TOO excited too early in the lesson.

**These songs are just suggestions; you may find your own to represent each style of music if you wish. I was able to download all of these from iTunes for $.99 per song.

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