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Here are some simple songs for learning about and celebrating Cinco de Mayo


Music, Social Studies  



Title – Children’s Songs for Cinco de Mayo
By – Jessica Ponce
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subject – Social Studies
Grade Level – K


    Music, Movement, or Drama

Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills Standards:

  1. Creative expressions/performance. The student performs a varied repertoire of music.
    The student is expected to:
    1. sing songs and play musical instruments independently or in a group: and
    2. sing songs from diverse cultures and styles or play such songs on musical instruments

Objective (purpose):

    The student will be able to learn important facts about Cinco de Mayo singing to tunes of well-known children songs.


  • The teacher will introduce the subject: Cinco De Mayo.
  • The teacher will go over some facts about this holiday and what it means.


  • Teacher will tell the class that they will be singing songs to learn important facts about Cinco De Mayo and what happened on this date.
  • The teacher will sing the song the first time.

Method of Explanation:

  • After the teacher sings the song, the class sings along after the lyrics are passed out.
  • Once the class has finished singing the songs, the teacher should go over some of the facts that were in the songs. Go over them and explain to the class more in depth.

Learning Activities/Reinforcement and individual assessment:

  • To make this lesson even more fun, grab any materials like pencils, blocks, pots or pans, and make a band with the class while everyone sings the songs!
  • You could even use an instrument called a “Matraca”.


  • Ask the students what they learned from the songs. Did they learn something new? Something they didn’t know before?
  • The teacher could then go over the facts one more time or start saying a fact and see if the students can finish the sentence.


    The student will dance, add rhythm, but also learn fun facts about Cinco de Mayo and the history behind it.

All Around Puebla
(to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel )

France invaded Mexico
In 1862,
Thinking they would march, march, march, march
Right into Mexico City.

But what they had not counted on
Was General Zaragoza
Who ordered his men to fight, fight, fight, fight,
Fight for their freedom.

So all around Puebla
The Mexicans chased the French,
Until the last French soldier gave up —
Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo
(to the tune of Are You Sleeping? )

Cinco de Mayo,
Cinco de Mayo,
The fifth of May,
The fifth of May
Is the anniversary
Of a great victory
For Mexico.
For Mexico.

Today’s a Day to Celebrat e
(to the tune of London Bridge )

Today’s a day to celebrate,
Celebrate, celebrate,
Today’s a day to celebrate
Courage under fire.

The Mexican Army, they were poor,
They were poor, they were poor,
The Mexican Army, they were poor,
But that did not stop them.

They followed orders and charged ahead,
Charged ahead, charged ahead,
They followed orders and charged ahead,
Routing the French forces.

A great victory they did win,
They did win, they did win,
A great victory they did win
In the Battle of Puebla.

Today’s the Fifth of May
(to the tune of The Farmer in the Dell )

Today’s the fifth of May,
“Cinco de Mayo,” we say,
Let’s join hands and sing and play —
It’s Cinco de Mayo today.

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