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Here’s an idea for creating Stuffed Musical Plates




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Musical Plates

By – Debbie Haren

Subject – Music

Grade Level – PreK-1

Use a cassette or cd with active children’s music on it. Have children take two paper plates and tape or glue together. Before gluing them make sure the children have some items to put in them that will make noise. Popcorn seeds, beans or sand work well. It would be really great if you can have several different items for the children to choose from. After the paper plate instrument dries have the children use the instrument to make noise to the music. Some examples are slow taps with their hands or fast. There is a song that I have heard that talks about tap, tap, tap your knees and feet and elbows etc. If you can find a song that has many different activities that they can do with their tambourines. These can also be made out of Pringles cans or coffee cans.-




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