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Here’s a lesson idea on the Musical Styles




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Title – A lesson on styles of music
by – Kim
Subject – Music
Grade Level – 2-6

This is a lesson that my students love and find very interesting.

I begin by dividing the chalkboard into 25 or so equal sized squares. I then tell the students to name as many different styles of music they can think of (anything from rap to country to opera to electronic music) and I write them up in each of the boxes (one per box). When we have thought of as many as possible, we use the rest of the box to list characteristics (even the stereotypes) of each of the styles (being careful to avoid opinions). I then play one minute excerpts of songs covering as many styles as possible (it is easiest to dub these on a blank tape ahead of time). We then see if our characteristics and stereotypes are true and find that we often have to redefine what we wrote about many of the styles.

My students also love to be given the opportunity to bring a song of their own to share with the class showing their favorite style of music.

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