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Here’s an idea to teach toddlers dynamics using puppets and percussion instruments




PreK, K  

Title – Teaching toddlers about music dynamics
By – Shaeron
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – Pre-K

Teaching Toddlers about Dynamics Using Puppets and Percussion instruments.

First introduce puppets – Forte Frog and Piano Pig. Explain that Piano Pig is very shy and likes quiet music only. Tell them Forte Frog is very noisy and loves loud music.

Get the children to sit on the floor with a untuned percussion instrument. Get them started with a steady beat. Then hide the puppets behind teachers back, and the kids have to recognize which dynamic to play at when either forte frog appears or piano pig appears.

Once they have grasped this, introduce Mr. Crocodile, who represents a rest. When the crocodile comes out, they must all stop playing or Mr. Crocodile will snap. The kids always love it when Mr. Crocodile snaps! I sticky tape a rest picture (initially using just a simple Z for a all purpose rest – later introducing the more complex symbols) inside the puppet crocodile’s mouth to reiterate the concept of a rest.

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