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This rhythm game idea is called “Time Signature Scurry”




3, 4, 5  

Title – Time Signature Scurry
By – Candace Davis
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 3-5


      Take colored index cards and write a time signature such as 4/4 on one of the cards. Using the same colored index cards write all of the basic rhythms that can be used to create a measure in 4/4 time, such as quarter notes, half notes, eighth notes, etc. You can choose how difficult you want the rhythms to be. Put the time signature and the matching rhythms in a plastic bag. You will need to create at least 10 of the time signature bags.
      I place my students in pairs and have them sit in a big circle. Each pair receives one of the time signature bags. The students have 2 minutes to make as many one-measure rhythms as they possibly can. When they have created one rhythm, they raise their hand, the teacher checks their rhythm, and then they pick up their pieces and move on to making a new rhythm. I have the students put the pieces back into their bags and pass it to the right one time for the next group to work with.
      I can usually get through six rounds of this game in my 30-minute class period and the students can usually make 6 to 12 different rhythms out of each bag.
    You can make this game more difficult by including compound meters, dotted notes, and rests.

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