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Valentine Rap game




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Valentine Rap game
By – Patricia Taylor
Primary Subject – Music
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre-K through 1st grade
Students will learn this chant:

Valentine, Valentine,
Won’t you be my Valentine?
Please be my Valentine!
All——— Right——–!

Use any rap beat for the background. A student will sit in a chair in front of the class while the class says this chant. After the sentence “All——–Right!———the student (in the chair) will pick someone to be his/her valentine. That person will switch places in the chair with the person choosing the valentine and the game will proceed until everyone has had a turn. In order to remember who has had a turn, I give out tiny hearts (made out of red construction paper) to those who have been chosen. Those with hearts are not chosen again. Students love this game and beg to do it again and again year after year!
The idea for this game came from “Music K-8 magazine”.

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