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This lesson is for visualization of rhythm




2, 3, 4, 5  

   Visualization of rhythms in 4/4
by Tracy
Grade 2-5

4 chairs in a row and optional cards with quarter, whole, half, eighth notes and rests.

Begin by taping the chairs in a steady beat, say beat, beat, beat, beat . . .

*Have students sit in the chairs Count them as you would quarter notes.

*Remove a student or two. Ask how would it be counted? Point out that the chairs are still there even though they are empty of people and that they take up space. Show that the empty chairs are called quarter rests.

*Have 6 students try to figure out how to sit on the chairs. Soon they will double up and share seats. This will give the class a visualization of eighth note pairs.

*You can continue in this manner with all the note values. ie a whole note one student would have to lay across all four chairs.

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