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Vocal Types




9, 10, 11  

Title – Vocal Types
By – Karen Pearson
Primary Subject – Music
Grade Level – 9 – 11

HIGH   Michael

Students are required to create a two-by-two box grid. Along the top of the boxes write ‘female’ and ‘male’; along the side write ‘high’ and ‘low’. Play examples of the voice types using both modern and classical singers (e.g. for tenor use Justin Timberlake, for Soprano use an opera singer). As the students listen to the examples they place a tick in the box where they think the singer lies – i.e. high female, low male etc. The true name of the voice type is then given and spelled correctly and the student writes the correct name into their box. This should only take about 15 minutes.

The students will have the visual grid to commit to memory. Have them try and identify their favorite singers vocal type – by doing this they will go home and unconsciously keep identifying singers as they listen to them on the radio!

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